It's too bad that Xena pretty well turned to shit, IMO, by the time the 4th season blundered its way along. By the end of the 5th season I'd stopped watching it entirely and I don't think I'll go back to writing it any time soon. But for some time I was die-hard into this fandom, Joxer in particular. There was a lot of fun to be had here. I still think I did some of my best stuff ever in this fandom. Perhaps some day the bitter taste will fade and I can fall back in love with these characters, and just ignore what The Idiots In Charge did to them.


  • The "Love's Sweet Revenge" Series

    • Love's Sweet Revenge (108 k) began as a one shot but ended up starting a whole ongoing series of Autolycus/Joxer stories. That's right, the King of Thieves and the Master of Morons, and don't tell me they're not meant for each other. Basically, Aphrodite gets pissed when she thinks Auto has stolen some goodies from one of her temples, so she sets about getting a little revenge.

    • A Little Mischief (28 k) is sort of in the "LSR" universe...a quickie written for the joxerotica mailing list in response to a challenge.

    • A Little is Enough is the first real follow-up to "Love's Sweet Revenge", wherein Autolycus teaches Joxer the true meaning of the saying "payback's a bitch."

    • In the next installment, One Slip (24 k), things are not exactly what they appear to be...and the stage is set for some interesting revelations and confrontations.

    • Kiss and Tell (32 k) picks up right after the events in "One Slip"...more angst than smut this time around. Things just seem to be going from bad to worse for Autolycus.

    • Do It One More Time (104 k) Yes, it's finally here! Lots of things resolved in this one, a bit of smut, and hopefully some other good stuff in between.


  • For Services Rendered. (36 k) After watching "The Key to the Kingdom", I couldn't help myself. Meg has a slightly different proposition for Autolycus this time!


  • The "Moments of Transition" Series

    Am I allowed to brag a little bit? Well, I'm going to. This series was voted Best Xenaverse Series, Most angst-filled story or series and Best characterization of a non-Ted character in a story or series (Ares) in the first (hopefully annual) Joxerotica Awards. So yeah, I guess you could say I'm kind of proud of it.

    • Moments of Transition. (140 k) Ares must decide how much he is willing to sacrifice to save Joxer, when someone on Olympus uses the mortal's life--and death--as a tool to test the god of war.

    • Between Sunsets and Dawn. Joxer entertains a visitor...and Ares has a plan. This is the first follow-up to "Moments of Transition".

    • Casualties of War. (200 k) Ares and Joxer need a little help from their "friends" in order to put their plan into action. But will everything work out the way they intended? Not entirely...

  • Interlude. (16 k) Don't take this one too seriously. It's more Ares/Joxer, not related to the "Moments" series, and set after the events in the episode "In Sickness and In Hell".


  • The "Damage" Series

    • Damage. (16 k) Well. I'm not sure where this one came from. It's very dark, even for me. Strife reflects on his own relationship with Ares after watching the God of War turn Joxer away.

    • Damage Control. (68 k) Mega-angst and more in the sequel. Strife finds himself unable to stay away from Joxer, regardless of the consequences.

    • Nocturne. (8 k) This is a brief scene written into this series for a challenge: 26 sentences, each one starting with a different (and in sequence) letter of the alphabet.


  • Just Another Night... . (16 k) This is a little PWP written to try to get a certain God out of my head. I think he was mad about some things I've done to him in another story and hopefully he'll like this one better. Like the pairing? Maybe I'll write more about them...


  • Been There, Never Done That! A round robin erotic epic written by Ellie, G. Bonobo, Evil-Lyn and yours truly. I'm sure the idea of a Xena/Gabby/Joxer menage a trois is enough to leave some running in terror, but if not, check this story out. Print version now available! Drop by this link to find out how to order your copy!