star wars

There was a time when everyone was writing TPM, but now the insantiy seems to have calmed down. For me the fandom burned bright but fast, and I managed to burn myself out on it pretty quickly. As always, I don't think I'll be getting back into it anytime soon, but who knows. Things could change, especially when Episode 2 comes along...
  • Alone. (8 k) Post-TPM angst for Obi-Wan. A short one.

  • The Rhythm of the Heat (12 k) This is a short little mood piece, following Qui and Obi on a strange journey through the desert...

  • Another Time, Another Place (24 k) At one time I thought this would be the start of another series, but that never happened. So this one stands as just a one-off AU idea that could have lead to something more. See what you think.

  • The Stranger Things Series

    • Stranger Things... (12 k) This one is utter silliness, inspired by a debate on "pregger" fic on master_apprentice. I never thought I'd ever write a story like this, but oh well. Once the plot bunny showed up on my doorstep, I couldn't shoo it away. Hopefully good for a little laugh, at least...

    • Fevered Thoughts (8 k) Oh dear. I actually wrote a short follow-up to Stranger Things... Don't ask me why, except I'm suddenly in such a silly mood these days.

    • This Moment. (8 k) In which I finally realize (as does Qui-Gon) that this whole silly affair had a point...more or less...

  • The Song Fic Series

    Run and hide if you despise song fics.

    • And I Moved. (20 k) Qui-Gon contemplates giving in to his desire for his padawan.

    • Early Morning Dreams (24 k) Obi-Wan faces "the morning after"... and can't wait to pick up where they left off the night before...

    • Close to the Edge. (24 k) Some time has passed, and Q & O learn an important lesson on the danger of desire. NOT a song-fic this time.

  • The Future's Choices Series

    This is my alternate-universe series where certain terrible, horrible things in The Phantom Menace never happen. Thanks to Tiezya for suggesting the series' title. Yes, it really should be continued, but I'd need to get back into the fandom to do that. But the first two stories stand rather well on their own, regardless...

    • Meditations. (16 k) This first installment is set during the course of events in the movie. A little introspection, mixed in with a little smut.

    • The Bond. (24 k) Obi-Wan has a revelation, and is determined to change the course of events unfolding before them.

    • Passages. (40 k) The two Jedi face change and new challenges in the aftermath of the events on Naboo.