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Name: Sibyl
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/Paris/parc/6498/titles.html
Hometown: Los Angeles
Sent: 5.36 AM - 7/21

THANK YOU for the A-Team stories!!!!! You've got the boys all down pat (I'm jealous!), and Hannibal as a hydra set off a laughing coughing fit.

Great stuff! I know you're not writing these anymore, but if you happen to want to, I'll definitely read 'em.

Name: Jynxie
Sent: 6.13 PM - 7/20

You're writting is wonderful. I simply love reading your Brimstone fics. They're so very very wonderful. I love you work. I often recomend your stuff to my friends and a good many of them also like it. ^_^

Name: Tarnneth Beryl Falcon aka S. Potter
Hometown: Lincoln NE
Sent: 7.50 PM - 7/6

I love this stuff. Keep writing!

Name: SnS
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/Shinigami_no_Seishi
Hometown: SmallNewEngland Town
Sent: 7.09 PM - 5/14

Gee... um. I never know what to say on these things, which is why I don't usually sign guestbooks. But. I figured I had to feed your muse somehow because I NEED MORE BRIMSTONE FIC. Ahem. (Takes out a chocolate bar with the words "Your a very good writer for what I consider a difficult fandom and if you don't write more I may have to fall over and die--or write some myself which would most likely be disastorous, and you don't want THAT now, do you?" printed on it). There you are. ^_^ Hope that helps!

Name: epunum
Hometown: spotsylvania
Sent: 3.53 AM - 5/14

really enjoy your page and your choice of links...
any plans for some mummy returns fic?

Name: Meg
Homepage: http://www.trickstersnheroes.com
Sent: 6.11 PM - 4/28

You really have the Devil down hot. Thanks for some great reads! I loved the scene under the mistletoe.

Name: Cleo
Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/mi/antigravity
Hometown: The ass-end of nowhere
Sent: 9.15 PM - 4/27

I love your work. It's so strange that I'm in love with fic for a show that I've never seen, but...*shrug* I remember bookmarking your page just because I liked the stories so much that I wanted to come back and read them over and over, even if they weren't updated. And low and behold, they were! And there's lots of good stuff! Thank you!! Okay, I'm done.

Name: Priya Deonarain
Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/zine/bakedgoldfish
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
Sent: 4.50 PM - 4/22

So, here's the thing. . . I've liked your stuff since way back when you were doing Plans, Scams, & Vans. And your Brimstone stuff is cool. I don't like Star Wars (please don't stone me!), but your TPM slash is awesome. . . and, of course, when Joxer gets some, all is right in the world. Also, you know what they say about Navy boys. Question for you, though: Have you ever considered slashing The West Wing? Because, really, it sometimes (many times) seems as if series creator & writer gives shout-outs to slashers--in exemplia, Leo & the President having a candlelit dinner w/roses, Josh commenting on how Sam's shirt is "nice," Sam eating a banana right in front of Josh, et cetera et cetera. Anyhow, so, I just wanted to say your stuff rocks. Peace out.

Name: Azrel
Homepage: http://nav.to/adnaerel
Sent: 4.39 PM - 4/8

Really cool site! Really hot Brimstone fanfic-FINALLY someone else sees Zeke/Lucifer as well. ^_~

Name: Hot Bunny
Homepage: http://www.girlsoficq.com
Sent: 6.11 PM - 1/4

Cool page. Thanks for letting me sign your guestbook

Name: LaConstance
Sent: 9:15 PM - 10/27
I came here hoping to see more of Another Place, Another Time and was happy to see it's a series. Here's hoping to see its continuation soon.

Name: Jane
Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/on2/citizensagainstbs
Sent: 3:46 AM - 9/25
Hi. Just looking around.

Name: crystal
Hometown: joxonia *g*
Sent: 6:10 AM - 8/13
hey sockster! lovely site, just lovely. i'll second laur down there on "the persistence of memory" - that's one of the rare fanfics i actually have a printed copy of, and one of my all-time favorites - closely followed by "been there, never done that"

Name: laur
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/datalaur/
Sent: 3:47 PM - 5/21
Wow. There are some incredibly fantastic stories here. Persistence of Memory was simply superb... the other Ares/Joxer and Auto/Joxer stories were fab... the Murdock stories were yummy! Making Joxer kill Strife was so unexpected but so great. Oh, and I really liked the story with Jett in it too. Been There Never Done THAT was hilarious and very, very touching. You're a superb writer (those xovers seem almost effortless) and I'm really, really enjoying your work. Don't ever stop writing!

Name: Viccy
Homepage: http://oregondonor.simplenet.com/viccy/index.html
Hometown: Helsinki, Finland
Sent: 3:52 PM - 4/23
Hello, dear
Just wanted to let you know that I love your work. ALL of it, but especially Xena, B5 and Brimstone fic. Ahem... Now that I'm here, I might as well NAG a little... Earthbound... I'd really, really, REALLY like to read the rest of the fic... <blush> Anyway... I'll go now...
Viccy ;^D

Name: Ki
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Rampart/1470/tomyum.html.
Sent: 4:30 PM - 1/28
I love the Brimstone fics...dang, I love all of them! Keep writing and keep slashing!

Name: Bev
Homepage: http://same as above
Hometown: Philly
Sent: 2:50 AM - 1/23
Your site is really neat. Downloaded your Brimstone
to read this weekend. Can't wait!
Tonights Xena is 'something else'! another musical and
Joxer has ANOTHER brother! Oh my GHOD rap yet!
This is weird. Anyhoo. Neat site.

Name: Danielle
Sent: 11:50 PM - 12/25
Finally.. hot Brimstone sex on the same page as hot Jedi sex. Merry Xmas to me! Thanks bunches!

Name: DBKate
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Workshop/3293/lair/warn.html
Sent: 4:03 AM - 9/20
Whew, is it warm in here? Great Q/O fic from sidewinder! More! More! :-)

Name: jennifer
Sent: 10:49 PM - 7/26
Thanks for building two great sites. I always enjoy reading your stories. It was so much fun to see TPM knowing that there would be slash out there to read afterwards!

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