Everything in its Time, Part 4/??
By sidewinder (sidewinder@fanfiction.net)

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* * * *
Part 4
* * * *

They made it to the lake by mid-day, the sun hot 
enough by then to make the prospect of a cool swim 
a most welcome one. The only wildlife to be found 
at the lake was a group of large, white-feathered 
waterbirds. They took off for the far shore with a 
chorus of noisy sqawks when the Jedi arrived, 
clearly displeased by the intrusion. The lake was 
not particularly large--Obi-Wan estimated that 
swimming shore to shore would be a good workout, 
but not too difficult. Nevertheless, it was as 
impressive a sight as everything else on this world 
he had seen so far. Low vegetation and grass led to 
a rocky shoreline, and the water's calm surface 
shimmered brightly in the sunlight. The only sounds 
around them were the rustling of a light breeze 
through the trees, and the chirps and cries of far-
off birds.

The lack of any intruding 'civilization' on the 
scene was almost unnerving to the young man who had 
spent most of his childhood on Coruscant, and time 
since then traveling from one busy Republic world 
to another.It was rare to find a place so 
undisturbed and unexploited.

Qui-Gon took a silent moment to appreciate the 
sight with his padawan, then walked closer to the 
shore and began undressing. Cloak and tunic were 
cast aside into a casual pile on the ground, then 
he began unstrapping his boots. Obi-Wan began to 
undress as well, though he could not help but pause 
and steal a long look at Qui-Gon as he shed off his 
leggings, then strode out into the shallow waters, 
gloriously naked. Yes, glorious was the only way to 
describe it. Not that Obi-Wan hadn't seen his 
master naked before, countless times, but that 
didn't diminish the beauty of Qui-Gon's body to his 
eyes, particularly with his vision refocused to 
view the other man as a future lover, not simply 
his master.

Obi-Wan eventually forced himself to look away so 
he could finish undressing before Qui-Gon could 
wonder what was taking him so long. By the time 
Obi-Wan walked into the shallows, Qui-Gon was 
already far out into the deeper waters. The young 
man took a few moments to loosen up and let his 
body adjust to the cool temperature of the water, 
and then struck out to follow his master.

There was something about swimming that Obi-Wan 
always enjoyed, particularly in natural 
environments--so different from the sterile, dead 
waters of the Jedi academy swimming pool. It was an 
exercise that worked his entire body and left him 
feeling refreshed, not tired; sometimes he could 
close his eyes and imagine he was actually flying, 
riding currents on the wind, almost weightless. He 
kicked forward more powerfully, and Qui-Gon glanced 
back at the splashing noise he made. The elder Jedi 
didn't wait for Obi-Wan to catch up with him, 
though, he just turned back around and continued 
heading toward the opposite shore.

Obi-Wan drew a deep breath and pushed through the 
water, diving down until he could touch the  
lake bed. The water was calm and 
clear, and sunlight reflected off small yellow and 
silver fish he spotted all around the rocky bottom. 
Some darted away from him, but others regarded him 
curiously or ignored him completely. One small 
striped fish swam right up to him and skimmed all 
around his chest and arms, following him as he 
headed back to the surface for air. 

"What do you want, silly fish?" He watched it 
continue to dart around him, yelping when all of a 
sudden it decided to nibble on the underside of his 

"Leave me alone," he told it, swimming away to try 
to catch up with Qui-Gon, though every so often he 
would glance down and find the fish still hanging 
close to him. 

*Wonderful. Just like Qui-Gon, I'm becoming a 
magnet for pathetic lifeforms,* Obi-Wan sighed to 

A few more dives to continue his explorations, and 
then he lay back lazily, eyes closed, content to 
float wherever the water might direct him. Qui-Gon 
could swim all the way to the other shore and back 
if he wanted; Obi-Wan was content to simply float 
around and relax, let the water wash away all 
concerns and worries.

Peaceful...so incredibly peaceful. He stopped 
noticing the little nips on his skin as his 
newfound aquatic friend continued to pester him; he 
was too absorbed in the wonderful feeling of the 
sun on his body, and the perfect tranquility of his 
surroundings. He felt more clearly in touch with 
the living Force than he could remember feeling 
before, aware only of the peace that was around 
him, not a thought nor care about the future, 
immediate or otherwise. After a while he began to 
even lose track of his surroundings, daydreaming 
about what this place must have been like when 
first discovered.

His thoughts were rudely interrupted by a cold 
splash of water right to his face. Flailing about 
and sputtering, blinking the water out of his eyes, 
he was shocked to see Qui-Gon just a few meters 
away--and giving him a grin befitting a mischievous 
young padawan, certainly not a Jedi master.

"What was *that* for?!" Obi-Wan blurted out with a 

"For letting me sneak up on you, my padawan. You 
should really be more alert to your surroundings."

"I was *trying* to relax."

"Being relaxed does not equate with being unaware 
of the world around you. Particularly when you are 
in unfamiliar surroundings."

"I understand. Point well taken, Master," Obi-Wan 
answered. And then he scooted back quickly as the 
large wave of water he summoned slammed right into 
Qui-Gon's back.

The look on Qui-Gon's face as he was hit by the 
wave and dunked underwater was worth whatever 
punishment Obi-Wan was sure to face for it later. 
Laughing, Obi-Wan turned away and started swimming 
back to shore as fast as he could. Of course he 
knew he stood no chance of beating Qui-Gon, but he 
had to make the effort. It wasn't long before his 
legs were seized by two large hands that 
immediately pulled him to an ungraceful stop. 
Fighting against his master's grip, he sent them 
both off-balance and under the surface. Obi-Wan 
squirmed to try to get away but Qui-Gon was 
providing no opportunity for escape. The lack of 
oxygen was eventually enough to get Obi-Wan to 
admit defeat. *I give up!* he sent out, and 
immediately Qui-Gon let go of his legs and allowed 
him to come up for air, even though he kept a firm 
hold on him by the waist.

"It seems as if I have a very naughty padawan on my 
hands," Qui-Gon scolded.

"Oh, and it's not 'naughty' for you to splash me?"

"A privilege of the position." 

Obi-Wan was not about to complain about Qui-Gon's 
position, or his own, as he found them quite 
agreeable at the moment. Qui-Gon's large hands 
rested firmly on his bare skin, holding him close 
enough that his back rubbed lightly against Qui-
Gon's chest and stomach. Obi-Wan was aroused by the 
contact in a heartbeat--and if he wasn't mistaken, 
he wasn't the only one. After taking a moment to 
steady himself, he asked as calmly as he could, "If 
I've been naughty, are you going to punish me, 

"Punishment is not the first thing on my mind at 
the moment," Qui-Gon answered, a rough note to his 
voice that did nothing to relieve the tension 
building within his padawan. Qui-Gon eased Obi-Wan 
closer against him, increasing the contact of their 
bare skin. A sharp gasp escaped Obi-Wan at the 
feeling and he couldn't help but wonder if he was 

*Force, this feels good...please let it be real...*

"Very real. And it does feel good," Qui-Gon agreed, 
though he still asked, "Are you certain you want 
this, Obi-Wan?"

"Absolutely. I trust you." *I love you.*

//And I love you.// "But say the word and we'll 
stop. I promise. You don't have to do anything you 
don't want to do."

The gently spoken words aroused him as much as they 
soothed away any remaining apprehension. Obi-Wan 
leaned back against his master and let the other 
man's warmth, his strong presence in the Force 
envelop him. Yes, he trusted him completely, and he 
wanted this. 


Qui-Gon's hands eased their grip on his sides, only 
to begin a slow, thorough exploration of his chest. 
Each touch left the young man's skin tingling, 
wanting more, and he closed his eyes and gave 
himself over to the sensation. It was all very 
gentle and soft, undemanding, yet more erotic than 
he could have imagined. He felt...wanted... 
desired...as much as he himself wanted Qui-Gon. The 
thought made him smile, and the Force seemed to 
echo his delight. Those familiar callused 
fingertips touched him unfamiliar ways, moving down 
over his stomach under the surface of the lake, 
then tracing upwards, trailing water down his 
chest, over his nipples. Obi-Wan trembled and 
moaned, "Master..." thankful for the strong body 
behind him to lean against for support. He had 
little faith his legs would hold him up much 

Soft laughter against his ear, and then the even 
softer brush of lips against the tender lobe. "Obi-
Wan," Qui-Gon whispered, then he pulled the earlobe 
between his lips and sucked it. Obi-Wan couldn't 
hold back another moan, the sensation incredible 
and yet almost more than he could stand. 
*Earlobes...* he thought to himself, with what 
small analytical capacity he had left. *I guess 
that book was right about earlobes...*

Qui-Gon continued to do the most interesting things 
to Obi-Wan's ear and neck while his hands resumed 
their thorough study of the rest of the young man's 
body. After a time Obi-Wan couldn't hold back any 
longer. He wasn't content to simply let Qui-Gon 
touch him--he needed his turn to touch, caress, 
kiss. He twisted around and arched up to meet Qui-
Gon's mouth, and the feeling when they kissed was 
better than it had ever been in his dreams. He 
clutched at Qui-Gon's sides and moaned against the 
lips he refused to break contact with, even as his 
master lifted him up, pulling him as close as he 
could. Obi-Wan wrapped his legs around Qui-Gon's 
thighs and finally allowed himself a break for a 
gasped breath of air when he found himself growing 
positively dizzy.

He opened his eyes and was met by his master's 
sparkling blue gaze. He looked into those eyes more 
intently than ever before, captivated by their 
beauty. A deeper, richer blue than the water around 
them; brighter and clearer than the cloudless sky 
above. *Beautiful...and all mine,* he thought 
happily, not realizing he was sending the thought 
until Qui-Gon arched an eyebrow and rewarded him 
with a pinch to his backside. "So I have a naughty 
and *greedy* padawan. Whatever am I going to do 
with you?"

"Whatever you want," Obi-Wan answered, then he 
began laughing as Qui-Gon tilted his head and 
tickled Obi-Wan's neck with his beard. The laughter 
dissolved into groans when moist, expert lips 
latched on to the tender skin, sucking and kissing 
him from just below his ear to his collarbone. Obi-
Wan arched back, holding on tight as the incredible 
feelings traveled all the way down to his toes and 
fingertips. His erection pressed into Qui-Gon's 
stomach, the rubbing of their bodies as he squirmed 
in those strong arms nearly enough to bring him to 

Combined with the sensation of his master's 
continued kisses and touches, soon enough it was.

Teeth biting down suddenly on a particularly tender 
spot on his neck did it. Obi-Wan cried out and dug 
his fingers into Qui-Gon's back, the climax hitting 
him faster than he would have thought possible, and 
with an intensity that none of his wet dreams had 
prepared him for. He shuddered and struggled for 
breath, as his pleasure seemed to seep out into the 
Force around them only to be echoed back to him, 
drawing out the climax until he sagged limply 
against his master, completely spent and exhausted.

The only complaint he could manage, when he could 
think coherently again, was a somewhat embarrassed 
*Too fast...*

Soft kisses on his forehead answered him, along 
with a gentle, //Not at all uncommon, Obi-Wan, 
don't worry...we're only begun...//

The words would have made Obi-Wan shudder if he'd 
had the energy for it. The two just held each other 
for a long time, but eventually Qui-Gon suggested, 
"Let's get out of the water, Padawan. Not that I 
mind holding you like this, but I'd rather save 
some of my energy for other things..."

"Hmm...? Oh. Yes, Master," he answered somewhat 
sheepishly. Obi-Wan disentangled himself from Qui-
Gon and started to swim back in to the shore, 
missing the press of that warm body against his own 
almost immediately. He swam as fast as he could, 
although Qui-Gon still beat him, the extra power in 
his long arms and legs giving him an easy edge. The 
Jedi master did not bother to dry himself off; he 
merely reached for his discarded cloak and spread 
it out over the grass like a blanket. By the time 
Obi-Wan stepped out of the water to join him, Qui-
Gon was stretched out on the ground like a an 
offering to the gods--at least, that was how he 
looked to Obi-Wan, with his bronzed skin glistening 
and wet, arms and legs spread wide, a blissful 
smile on his face...and a very impressive erection 
resting in wait against his belly. 

"Are you going to join me?" Qui-Gon teased when 
Obi-Wan just continued to stand there, taking in 
the sight before him.

"When I've had enough of just staring at you. Which 
might take a while."

"Imp. Come here."

Obi-Wan had to admit, a few minutes later, that as 
much fun as staring at his master's naked body was, 
touching and kissing it was much, *much* better. He 
was already growing hard again, thanks to Qui-Gon's 
determined efforts. But as good as it felt, what he 
really wanted was his chance to do try to please 
his master. He wanted to be the one to caress and 
explore...wanted to see the look on Qui-Gon's face 
when he came, the mere idea of watching that taking 
his own arousal to a higher level.

It also gave him the strength to pin Qui-Gon down 
beneath him and claim his mouth for a deep kiss, 
running his tongue inside lips and over teeth, 
trying to explore everything he could. Qui-Gon 
offered no resistance "My turn..." he practically 
growled, trailing his tongue down his master's neck 
and chest. But then he remembered precisely who he 
was dealing with, and that perhaps it wasn't his 
place to be so aggressive. "That is, if I'm 
allowed, Master," he added quickly, glancing up 

"You may do whatever you wish today, Padawan, and 
nothing more or less."

"This is definitely what I want to do, right 
now..." Obi-Wan answered, kissing and then circling 
his tongue around one nipple, then taking a turn on 
the other until he got his first real moan out of 
Qui-Gon. The sound made him shiver, and he couldn't 
wait to find another way to get his master to make 
it again.

*Earlobes...* he thought, remembering his own 
recent experience with the subject. Inching his way 
back up, pausing to taste Qui-Gon's lips once more, 
he then nuzzled his master's right ear, tracing the 
curve of the outer rim with his tongue. The action 
didn't reward him with another moan, but instead a 
gasp, and then several strangled whimpers as he 
tested out several different techniques with lips 
and teeth on the area. Slipping onto his side, he 
was able to continue working on Qui-Gon's ear and 
throat while he could explore the rest of his body 
with his hand. And soon enough, his hand found Qui-
Gon's erection, and his master's reaction was 
definitely encouraging. 


He liked that. He *really* liked that, hearing his 
name moaned with such need. And he needed this, 
too, to give back to his master, to balance the 
bonding. He was open to the Force all around them; 
he could feel it in the rich earth they lay upon, 
in the air he breathed, in Qui-Gon's ache for 
release that was so strong, so vivid through their 
heightened bond, that each stroke of his hand 
seemed to send sympathetic waves of pleasure 
through his own body.

Through the bond, Obi-Wan caught a glimpse of what 
Qui-Gon wanted most at that moment, though he would 
not ask for it, not yet at least. Obi-Wan shared no 
such hesitation, and resumed his earlier 
explorations kissing his way down Qui-Gon's body. 
His broad chest, tight stomach, and then...


He though Qui-Gon might like that. Again, he kissed 
the tip of his penis, retasting the tart, clear 
fluid leaking from the tip. Not unpleasant at all, 
he decided, running his tongue then around the 
head, down the length and back again, until the 
erection was slick with his saliva and his master 
was fighting for the remnants of his control.

Taking Qui-Gon inside his mouth turned out to be a 
little trickier than he'd envisioned, but when he 
found a comfortable position he could use both his 
lips and hands on his master, the results were 
definitely satisfying. Qui-Gon's hands dug into his 
shoulders, urging him on, and eventually urging him 
to pull back before he came. But Obi-Wan didn't 
want to stop, he wouldn't be deterred until Qui-
Gon's entire body arched up beneath him, and his 
mouth was filled with the salty taste of his 
lover's orgasm.

Lover. Master. Qui-Gon. Everything he wanted. 

And the moment he relaxed, Qui-Gon was pulling him 
up, kissing him fiercely. "I can see...you must 
have been studying your reading...very thoroughly, 
Padawan," he managed between kisses.

"Nothing like putting those lessons into practice."

"Mmm. Now, I wonder if you will taste as good on me 
as I taste on you. Shall we find out?"

"Oh, yes," Obi-Wan sighed, not about to offer any 
objections to *that* idea. None whatsoever. 

* * * *

The days that followed passed in what Obi-Wan could 
only describe as an incredible, erotic haze. 
Granted, they were not *entirely* consumed by 
wanton pleasure and coupling--though certainly 
neither was in short supply. The two Jedi still 
spent hours meditating, and in discussion, and 
performing exercises that would help Obi-Wan learn 
how to control these newly awakened desires and 
keep them from overwhelming him.

"This is a powerful thing, Obi-Wan, powerful 
emotions we now allow ourselves to experience 
together. Not necessarily of the Dark, or the 
Light, but care must be taken not to let them grow 
so strong that they cloud our reason and 

Qui-Gon told him this as they lay in bed, having 
let the morning of their fourth day on Z'Enbarr 
slip away into afternoon just touching, holding, 
talking. The slight physical craving for food was a 
dim hunger compared to the one Obi-Wan felt for 
these caresses and touches, he could clearly 
understand the warning in Qui-Gon's words. "Without 
control, desire can lead to obsession," Obi-Wan 

"Yes. Far too easily, love."

Warmth spread through Obi-Wan's body every time 
Qui-Gon addressed him with that new endearment... 
and yet he caught a flicker of sadness in his 
master's mind at his words. It confused him for a 
moment, as he tried to think what could make Qui-
Gon feel sad at a moment like this...

The answer came to him with heart-breaking clarity.


Qui-Gon stiffened for a moment, and Obi-Wan could 
feel his master pulling back, closing mental 
shields defensively. Then with a sigh he relaxed 
once more, and answered, "Yes. I was reckless then, 
Obi-Wan. Foolish and overconfident in myself, and 
in my padawan. Completely blind to the danger we 
created for each other..." 

The elder Jedi's voice was soft, pained as he 
spoke. Obi-Wan squeezed his master's hand, waiting 
for him to continue, wanting to offer what support 
he could. He never dared ask about this part of his 
master's past, but he was terribly curious to know 
what had happened, why Xanatos had turned and 
caused Qui-Gon so much pain. He knew he had only 
been told part of the story until now.

Qui-Gon brought Obi-Wan's hand to his lips and 
kissed it gently, holding it close to his cheek he 
finally continued to speak. "He was a quick 
student--in all areas of study. Eager...always so 
eager to push ahead in his training, take on more 
than other padawans his age. I took pride in his 
accomplishments...and I let that pride blind me to 
the faults he had. Impatience, arrogance... 
emotional instability. All there since he was a 
child, I don't know how I ignored it. Perhaps I was 
too close, and too unwilling to listen to my own 
master's concerns.

"He was barely fourteen when I sensed his desire to 
enter this phase of bonding. I knew he was not 
emotionally ready for it, and I tried to temper his 
feelings as long as I could, told him it was not 
yet time for that... It grew more difficult every 
day. I even tried to divert him to the healers, to 
help him deal with his physical urges, but he would 
not agree to it. He..." Qui-Gon paused, fingers 
tightening around Obi-Wan's. He then let out a deep 
sigh. "He was...persistent. And I was weak. I 
eventually gave in to his wishes, rationalizing to 
myself that he could handle it...that I could 
handle it...and I was so very, very wrong..."

Through their heightened bond, Obi-Wan caught 
glimpses, then, scenes of things Qui-Gon did not 
want to put into words. A bond unbalanced by 
emotions too strong...a master too quickly 
dismissing the signs of danger, of growing 
obsession, of darkness beginning to taint what 
could have been a beautiful thing...

The reawakened ache in Qui-Gon's heart brought on 
by the memories--that, too, reached Obi-Wan, and he 
felt his eyes beginning to burn with sympathetic 
tears. He pulled himself up to lay right over Qui-
Gon's body and looked down at him seriously, 
placing both his palms against the older man's 

*I won't ever do that to you,* he sent, along with 
all the comfort he could to try to burn out the 
residual pain. *I won't ever turn. I promise.*

A soft smile, and Qui-Gon turned his head to kiss 
one palm lightly. //I know, Obi-Wan. We wouldn't be 
here now, like this, if I doubted that. But you 
understand my concerns.// 

*Of course.* 

Qui-Gon eased him down into a hug, and some time 
later sighed, "We should really get out of bed and 
get something to eat, Obi-Wan. Catch some time 
outside before the day is over."

"Yes, Master," Obi-Wan agreed, the mere thought of 
food enough to make his stomach rumble in 
agreement. He wondered idly how many more days 
they'd have here before having to get back to their 
normal lives and responsibilities--he was already 
beginning to feel sad at the prospect of having to 

//We will have plenty of time to come back in the 
future,// Qui-Gon assured him. 

*I hope so,* Obi-Wan answered, liking that idea. 
Liking the prospect of a long future together with 
his master.

He could think of no other future he wanted more 
than that.

* * * 

/to be continued/

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