Title: Everything In Its Time
By sidewinder (sidewinder@fanfiction.net)

***!!!BIG LAST CHANCE WARNING!!!          ***
***                                       ***
*** The following fiction involves an     ***
*** UNDER-18 Obi-Wan in sexual situations ***
*** with his master. If the idea of such  ***
*** subject matter disturbs you, you are  ***
*** hereby advised to look no further.    ***
*** YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.                 ***

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I find that a discussion of a 
controversial subject in a fandom often compels me to 
deal with my feelings on the matter through fiction. 
That's basically what you'll find here, my personal 
reaction to the whole subject of Underage!Obi-Wan fic. 
I wanted to see if I could envision a scenario where 
Obi-Wan becomes involved with Qui-Gon at an earlier 
age than I'd been able to imagine with before, and 
feel that the situation was *right* for the 
characters. I was surprised to discover my feelings on 
this subject were not quite as negative as I 
originally found them to be, and through all the 
debate on the topic, I suddenly found myself quite 
fascinated by the subject, actually. Surprise, 
surprise. Am I entirely comfortable with the idea? No, 
I'm still fighting my own squicks, but then again this 
pairing has made me reconsider a lot of my other 
squicks already, so why not this one, too? :-) 

SUMMARY: There are many things Obi-Wan learns from his 
master, but some important things, he discovers with 
time, he must learn on his own.

RATING: NC-17, eventually. Not so far.

ARCHIVE: Only at The Rising Force, when it's finished.

DISCLAIMER: George Lucas is God and I am surely going 
to the worst Sith Hell for writing this. He owns these 
characters and surely would not approve of what I'm 
doing with them.

CATEGORY: First-time, romance, angst, drama, A/U...
FEEDBACK: Unless you're just writing to flame me for 
even considering such a story line, I welcome your 
comments. I really would like to know what those of 
you who decide to read this think of it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Everything In Its Time
By sidewinder


When he was not quite thirteen, Obi-Wan Kenobi was 
chosen by a master.

Or, as Obi-Wan later came to see things, the Force 
made certain a particular master chose *him.*

His relationship with Qui-Gon Jinn had not exactly 
gotten off to the smoothest of beginnings. Yet by the 
time they had left Bandomeer, to set forth on their 
first official mission together as master and padawan, 
Obi-Wan had felt he'd been right in his resolve to win 
Master Jinn's approval. He didn't quite understand it, 
but it seemed that the Force was determined to bring--
and keep--them together. 

Qui-Gon was serious and stern, and demanding, yet Obi-
Wan found he could also be gentle and kind. He didn't 
smile much, but when he did, there was something 
particularly genuine about it, the young padawan 
thought. Something that filled Obi-Wan with a strange, 
unique sense of happiness, and *rightness*. He'd never 
known anyone that made him feel exactly like that 

Obi-Wan was thrilled by the prospect of what lay ahead 
in his years as Qui-Gon Jinn's apprentice. He even 
found it difficult to sleep for those first few nights 
of their travels together, as his mind was too busy 
racing and imagining the many adventures they were 
certain to share, the exotic and far-away places they 
would visit.

It was going to be an exciting life.

Their first mission flowed over into an unexpected 
crisis that spilled into another mission, and it was 
nearly a month past his birthday when they finally 
were given leave to return to Coruscant for a short 
break from field duty. Once their transport arrived 
back at the temple, Obi-Wan followed Qui-Gon through 
corridors he'd never walked before, to his master's 
private chambers in one of the upper levels of the 
building. "Now that you are my padawan, these quarters 
are yours as well," Qui-Gon explained, inviting the 
young teenager in through the doorway. Obi-Wan took an 
eager look around, and found that the rooms were 
spacious, if simple in design and décor: there was a 
large living room with a small kitchenette, a bathroom 
with a shower and other basic utilities, a sleeping 
chamber. In the chamber, Obi-Wan found one spacious 
bed, obviously his master's, and a smaller one across 
the room, near the window which looked out over the 
impressive Coruscant skyline.

"Is this mine, Master?" Obi-Wan asked, indicating the 
smaller bed.

"Yes, Padawan. I asked for a second bed to be brought 
in here for our return. You may move it to the other 
room if that makes you more comfortable. You are also 
free to share my bed, if that is what you wish."

Qui-Gon's casual statement caught the boy rather by 
surprise. Share his master's bed? That seemed 
childish! And Obi-Wan did not consider himself a child 
any longer. He was thirteen, and on his way to 
becoming a Jedi Knight. Only the youngest children 
brought into the creche cried in the night about 
missing and wanting to sleep with their parents. "If I 
may ask, Master, why might I wish to do that? Share 
your bed, I mean, if I have one of my own."

Qui-Gon seemed slightly amused by Obi-Wan's confusion, 
and smiled gently as he brushed a hand over Obi-Wan's 
short hair. "You may come to understand that in time, 
Padawan, but do not worry about it now. I only wish 
you to know that you are welcome there for whatever 
reason, should you so desire. But it is not something 
you need concern yourself with for now."

Obi-Wan accepted that explanation, even if it seemed 
weird. He'd noticed by now that his master had a 
tendency to say and do things that seemed weird, 
things that he didn't come to understand until later. 

Things like giving him a rock for his birthday, for 

That night Obi-Wan slept in his new bed, content to 
share the same room with his master but nothing more 
than that. He had contemplated moving the bed to the 
other room, but truthfully he was used to sharing his 
sleeping quarters with others, as he had during his 
years in the initiates' dormitory, and found he was 
accustomed to the presence of others nearby in the 

He watched the passing, flickering lights of ships in 
the transport lanes outside his window, and fell 
asleep imagining where each one was headed.


He felt *really* good to be home.

Velon was a water world where they'd been sent to 
oversee a trade negotiation, and after three weeks on 
boats, in the rain and just about constantly *wet*, 
Obi-Wan was more than a little relieved to be back on 
familiar--and stationary--ground.

"I thought you enjoyed adventure," Qui-Gon remarked 
when Obi-Wan expressed his relief in words.

"I do. I just prefer *dry* ones," he replied with a 
wry grin that was returned by his master.

"A Jedi must endure many hardships, my Padawan."

"As I recall, your reaction to such 'hardships' was 
quite interesting when your hair got all tangled up in 
that seaweed," Obi-Wan responded, giggling at the 

"Imp," Qui-Gon teased back with the nickname that he 
*knew* Obi-Wan disliked, and then he settled on the 
edge of his bed to brush out his damp hair. "Go get 
your shower and then get yourself to sleep. I want you 
to resume your physical training regiment tomorrow 
morning with the other padawans, since I believe we'll 
be here at home for a few days at least."

"Yes, Master." Obi-Wan slid off his bed with a sigh, 
knowing he wasn't going to get out of his evening 
shower even if he *was* sick to death of water.

He stripped and tossed his clothes aside and stepped 
into the shower chamber, turning the water up to a 
high temperature and beginning to wash himself 
thoroughly and quickly. He giggled again at the memory 
of his master trying to maintain his dignified 
appearance with purple-green gloppy seaweed all 
tangled up in his long hair. Obi-Wan also stored away 
those choice swear words he'd heard his master utter, 
as he'd later struggled to disentangle the vegetation 
without losing half of his trademark mane in the 

He'd been with Master Jinn now for over a year, and 
though it was a demanding life, Obi-Wan was happy. 
Gradually he was growing more relaxed around Qui-Gon, 
as he found his master similarly relaxing with him--
more inclined to drop his stern façade and share a 
small joke or humorous observation, more inclined to 
smile and show his approval of his padawan's progress 
with each passing day. Of course, sometimes Obi-Wan 
got a little too rowdy or overstepped his proper 
position as a padawan and Qui-Gon was quick to scold 
him. But the elder Jedi was often just as quick to 
share a story of his own misadventures when he had 
been Master Yoda's padawan and gotten into his own 
share of trouble.

When Obi-Wan got out of the shower and returned to 
their sleeping quarters, he noted Qui-Gon was already 
in his bed, a light cover over his long legs as he 
read the latest news reports on his datapad, as was 
his custom before bed. Obi-Wan dropped his dirty 
clothes in the laundry bin and settled onto his bed, 
too tired to do any reading of his own and too pleased 
to simply enjoy the comfort of his own bed again. 
"Good night, Master."

"Good night, Padawan."

A few minutes later, Qui-Gon dimmed the lights for 
sleep. By then, Obi-Wan was already lost within the 
realm of his dreams.

* * * 

Darkness. Not physical in nature, but a darkness in 
the Force. Evil. Hateful. A sneering face etched in 
red and black, and this dark presence had one thing on 
his mind.


Obi-Wan didn't know what it wanted revenge for. All he 
knew was that it wanted *him,* and it wanted his 
master, as part of that revenge.

Wanted them dead.

He felt a chill run through him and clutched at his 
lightsaber, fighting the urge to attack it. Yet he 
couldn't. A red wall separated the dark warrior from 
his master, as a similar wall separated Obi-Wan from 

*I must not be afraid. I must be at peace. Qui-Gon, 
why didn't you wait for me? Why did you run ahead? I 
should be at your side...*

He didn't know how or why they had ended up in this 
situation. All he knew was that he had a terrible 
feeling of dread that something was very, very 

Suddenly he sensed the red walls were about to open 
and he prepared himself for the fight. Qui-Gon was on 
his feet, through the wall as soon as it opened, 
lunging at the dark creature with a fury Obi-Wan had 
never seen his master display before. Obi-Wan rushed 
to join him, yet the Force compelled him to lurch to a 
full stop at the last second. The final red gate had 
suddenly closed again; if he had charged forward, he 
would have been caught in it and killed.

Instead, he was left trapped, left to observe his 
master battle the dark warrior alone.

//Master...be careful!//

He watched, filled with building anxiety and dread. 
Qui-Gon was good--the best duelist the Jedi had--yet 
the other was so fast. So vicious in his strikes, 
filled with hatred and anger. Obi-Wan sensed his 
master was growing tired and he bounced anxiously on 
the balls of his feet, waiting for the red wall to 
open so he could help.

But instead he could only watch in horror as the dark 
warrior landed a stunning blow to Qui-Gon's chin, and 
before his master could recover his balance--

Obi-Wan bolted upright, waking up with a terrified 


It took him a moment to realize what had happened. *A 
dream...only a bad dream.* He shivered from the 
residual horror of what he had seen, his master dying 
while he stood there, trapped and helpless, unable to 
protect him. 

*Master?* In the darkness, he glanced across the room, 
and as his eyes grew accustomed he saw and felt his 
master's strong, peaceful presence nearby. Obi-Wan 
sighed deeply in relief. *He's all right. Of *course* 
he's all right; it was just a dream. Get a grip on 
yourself, Obi-Wan.* The fear he felt began to 
dissipate, but it was replaced by a sudden need to be 
close to Qui-Gon. To reinforce that knowledge that his 
master was safe, to touch that peaceful, familiar 
presence in the Force and share in its warmth. Let 
that warmth take away the cold inside him.

Was it silly, childish to want that? Perhaps. But Obi-
Wan remembered that conversation from long ago, when 
Qui-Gon had first brought him here to share his 
quarters. Qui-Gon *had* told him he was welcome to 
join him in his bed, at any time, for whatever reason. 
Suddenly that invitation was too tempting for Obi-Wan 
to refuse.

Quietly, not wanting to disturb his master's sleep if 
he could avoid it, Obi-Wan slipped out of his bed and 
walked over toward his master's. He stood there, 
simply watching Qui-Gon sleep for a long moment, 
working up his courage to do as he wished and join 
him. Qui-Gon slept on his back, his brown hair loose 
and tossed all about on his pillow. His large body was 
partially covered by his blanket; he wore only his 
sleep pants, no tunic. The sight made Obi-Wan feel 
somewhat strange inside; he didn't understand his 
reaction, only that there was something about seeing 
his master like this that left his mouth suddenly dry, 
and his heart beating a little faster.

And he wanted desperately to be near him.

He peeled back the bedcover carefully, then lowered 
himself onto the bed close to Qui-Gon. Lying down, and 
inching as near to the other as he dared, Obi-Wan 
tentatively he reached out to place a hand over his 
master's heart. The touch sent a wonderful rush of 
warmth through his body, and without further thought 
he curled up against Qui-Gon's side, sighing in 

He felt Qui-Gon stiffen for a moment, Obi-Wan's 
presence having finally pulled the elder man out of 
his sleep. Obi-Wan waited with his breath held, not 
moving, panicking for an instant that he had been 
wrong in doing this. But then his master shifted only 
slightly, and gathered Obi-Wan closer to him, one 
large, broad hand resting lightly on the boy's back. 
Obi-Wan smiled in relief as he felt pleasure and 
reassurance from his master flow through their bond, 
and within minutes he was fast asleep, his nightmare 
long forgotten.

* * *

Words were not spoken on the subject the next morning. 
Obi-Wan awoke after Qui-Gon was already up, meditating 
in the living room, and everything proceeded as normal 
throughout the day. Yet after that first night, Obi-
Wan found he could no longer get a decent night's 
sleep except when he shared Qui-Gon's bed. He tried, 
starting each night back in his own bed, yet he would 
toss and turn, unable to fully relax, wanting the 
familiar presence of his master closer than across the 
room. And when he could finally fall asleep on his 
own, his dreams were often disturbing, just like that 
first nightmare had been, awakening him and sending 
him quickly to the waiting, comforting arms of his 

After several nights of this, he gave up trying to 
sleep on his own and went directly to his master's 
bed. Qui-Gon showed him no obvious reaction to this 
change, except Obi-Wan could sense that something 
about this new situation seemed to please Qui-Gon as 
much as it pleased him.

After a month without a word from his master on the 
subject, Obi-Wan finally worked up the courage to 
directly bring up the matter himself. He did so one 
night after the lights had been dimmed for sleep and 
as he lay lightly against Qui-Gon's side.


"Yes, Padawan?"

"There's something I've been wondering about."

"Go on."

"You told me once that I when I felt the desire to 
share your bed, I would understand why. But...I 
*don't* understand, not really. I just...all of a 
sudden...I have a hard time sleeping alone."

"I see. Obi-Wan, try to focus on your feelings, and 
the Force," instructed Qui-Gon gently. "Do that, and 
tell me, what do you feel when you are here, close to 

Obi-Wan frowned in concentration, doing as Qui-Gon 
commanded, and then he tried to put his feelings into 
words. "I feel...I don't know. It just feels good 
being near you. Peaceful. Warm. It's like...it feels 
like the Force is all wrapped around me--around us--
like a soft, warm blanket. And, well...I guess I 
really like that feeling," Obi-Wan finished with a 
nervous giggle. "I don't think I described that very 

Qui-Gon laughed softly and squeezed his apprentice's 
shoulder. "I think you've described it quite well, 
actually. I like that feeling also, and there is 
nothing wrong with it. It's natural."

"It is?"

"Mmm. It's the nature of our relationship, Padawan, of 
our bond, as it grows stronger with time. We become 
more connected to each other's presence in the Force, 
and physical closeness helps that bond grow stronger, 
faster. When a bond is a good one, when master and 
padawan are in harmony and strong in the Light, the 
Force will compel them to keep growing closer. Two 
together and in harmony are always stronger than two 
separate. There is nothing unusual about this desire 
for closeness--indeed, it is generally considered a 
sign of a well-chosen match between a master and 
apprentice when such strong needs become manifest. A 
sign that the Force approves."

"Oh," Obi-Wan answered, not certain he understood 
everything Qui-Gon had explained to him, but liking 
the implication of those last words.

*The Force approves.* 

He snuggled closer against his master's large frame, 
allowing himself a soft sigh of contentment as Qui-Gon 
lightly stroked his shoulder with his hand. "Is there 
anything else the Force will compel us to do, to help 
our bond?" Obi-Wan wondered, curious now to know more 
about this.

"Perhaps, but everything in its time, Obi-Wan. 
Everything in its time."

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