The Point of No Clothes

by Nick Devi

Summary: An "epilogue" to the episode "Point of No Return", wherein Frankie learns a lesson or two about teamwork.

Rating: NC-17, without a doubt.

Warnings: Pure unadulterated smut. With FRANKIE, no less. No plot, no point, just nasty, naughty utterly unrealistic fantasy smut. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Hell, no, the characters aren't mine.

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Frankie Santana sighed and leaned back against the edge of the large pool as the young, beautiful woman worked him over. It was certainly the only way he could describe the very thoroughtreatment she was giving him, making sure that no part of his body had been left unwashed, or unmassaged, and or...well, he just had to admit he'd never imagined being a member of the A-Team could have fringe benefits like this.

Of course, take four men who had just barely avoided death and a nuclear disaster short hours before, strip them down to their skivvies to bathe in therapeutic warm waters, and send in the "sponges" as Frankie himself had so eloquently described them, and it didn't take much of a stretch of imagination to figure out what could happen next.

The women had seemed to perfectly understand what their task was, and no doubt had been paid off rather well by Stockwell to cater to whatever the Team members requested. Sort of like the party girls often brought in to keep up morale and keep things lively on the Virginia compound, but these ladies were even more eager to please and, indeed, willing to go that "extra distance". It hadn't taken long for things to get a little bit kinky down at the pool.

Hannibal, either feeling a little more modest or as he claimed, a little "fatigued" from his ordeal still, had escorted his young companion off to one of the private rooms in the large spa after a quick dip in the waters. Face and Murdock, though, seemed less concerned with matters of privacy than having bit of fun. Frankie had noticed, when he'd managed to divert his attention momentarily from the slender female fingers massaging his shoulders and working their way down his chest, that his companions' lady friends had already discarded their bathing suits. Modesty of any sort has been discarded as well, as the girls gave the two men their most undivided and explicit attention.

Frankie decided he might as well go with the flow and turned around to face his attractive companion. Giving her what he thought was his best, slyest smile, he asked her, "You feel like getting a little more comfortable too, darling?" Of course, he knew she didn't really understand a word he was saying, but it didn't seem to matter. She got the suggestion clear enough as he let his fingers run up along her back, slipping under the straps of her bathing suit top. With a suggestive smile, she helped him quickly remove her suit, and tossed it somewhere up along the pool's edge. He took in the delicious sight of her body and felt his cock hardening to full attention. She let him caress her naked body as she cooed something that sounded incredibly naughty in her Asian dialect.

"Wish I could understand what you're saying, babe, but I guess it doesn't really matter, does it?" he answered, his hands cupping her perky, rounded breasts. So yummy, so squeezable. He pinched her nipples and she arched back under his attentions, letting her own hands continue to work his body, moving down lower until she had removed his shorts and was stroking his cock. With a delighted sigh, he added, "God, I love this job."

He completely forgot about the others as he got lost in the pleasures the young woman granted him, aware only dimly of the giggles and sighs of delight around him. They should throw more parties like this back in Virginia, Frankie decided, as with a little bit of impressive dexterity the young woman pushed him against the edge of the pool and then mounted his cock. He moaned and squeezed her firm, luscious ass as she rode him with great skill. Too quickly, he found himself unable to hold back, and he let the pleasure of the orgasm rip through his body.

She said something to him before releasing him, planting a quick kiss on his lips. He was aware of her getting out of the pool shortly thereafter, but was rather unconcerned. When he recovered, maybe he would go find her again for another round of fun.

Frankie dunked himself completely under the cool water and then just laid back to relax, eyes closed in delight and wanting to savor the moment. He began to come back down from his cloud after a bit and was aware again of the sounds of the others near him, which he had mostly forgotten about. Murdock and Face still sounded like they were having a damn good time with their "sponges," and Frankie turned his head to his left to investigate the action. He wasn't exactly prepared for what he saw actually going on, however.

Murdock and Face's "sponges" were now nowhere to be seen, although Murdock was sitting up on the edge of the pool, back arched as he moaned in delight and with someone giving him a most intensive blow job. It took Frankie a minute to register exactly what he was seeing - the person giving it to Murdock was none other than Face!

Shocked by disbelief, Frankie couldn't stop watching, mesmerized by what he was seeing. Face's blond head was buried in Murdock's crotch, his mouth wrapped right around Murdock's cock and sucking it in and out, and he was letting out muted moans of delight around the hard shaft in his mouth. Frankie had never imagined the two men had a thing going like this, but they were going at it like old pros, Murdock encouraging Face every bit of the way.

Murdock's eyes turned for a moment and caught the embarrassed Frankie watching them. But he only smiled and turned away again, his mind back on enjoying Face pleasuring him, obviously unconcerned that they now had an audience.

Indeed, not only could Frankie not stop watching, but to his surprise he felt a twinge of excitement in his groin. He was getting hot just watching them, and he'd never had thoughts or desires along those lines before. But he couldn't help but start to imagine that it was him sitting up there, letting Face give him a blow job. It was turning him on more than he could have believed.

Face finally finished Murdock off with an amazing flurry of sucking, until Murdock's cum was dribbling out of the corner of his mouth as he worked to swallow the rest of it down. Murdock sighed, "Mm, Face, real nice, amigo, real nice. You interested in a second course? I think you might have someone else interested in experiencing your...talents...first hand...or mouth."

Face let go of Murdock and turned to Frankie with a smile. "So I noticed," he said, moving over closer to Frankie, one hand reaching for the younger man's bare shoulder. Face's blue eyes were sparkling with mischief. "Care to join us, Frankie? You seemed to be enjoying watching."

Frankie started to say, "Oh hey, guys, that's okay, I'm not..." but was cut short when Face's other hand reached down below the waterline and found Frankie's cock. Frankie couldn't help but stiffen - his whole body, and that particular part of his anatomy in particular - as fingers wrapped around him, teasing him to a response. "...not...interested," Frankie meekly finished.

Face just grinned wider and said, "Really? You certainly seem ready and able, you sure you're not willing? Aren't you curious about how it would feel, to get sucked off by another guy? Someone who to give a man just what he wants?" If Face's words weren't convincing enough, his expert stroking of Frankie's favorite part of his anatomy was enough to muddle Frankie's thinking, to make him begin to put away any doubts and uncertainties. How could it be wrong if it felt good...

Murdock, curled up on the pool ledge and letting the sun dry his lean, naked body, encouraged, "Come on, Frankie, Face can give you a great demonstration of his talents. Consider it another lesson on being a member of the Team."

Frankie moaned and arched back against the pool's edge as Face tightened his hold slightly. Taking his lack of objection as a sign of approval, Face let go momentarily, just to grab Frankie by the ass and lift him up onto the pool's edge. Frankie's legs spread wide, Face moved in hungrily, obviously as eager to give Frankie the demonstration as Frankie was to receive it. His tongue lapped at the wet, engorged cock teasingly, licking it repeatedly up and down, then circling around the sensitive tip in a way that was driving the younger man wild with delight.

"Oh man, oh man..." Frankie sighed, not believing this was happening. For once his mouth was unable to form anything coherent to say. He'd never thought about getting off with a man before, but he couldn't deny he was enjoying it - and enjoying it a helluva lot. His female companion from earlier was completely forgotten about as he cried out, Face's fingers playing with his balls, squeezing, caressing, as his tongue worked Frankie's cock. Face then lowered his mouth and began sucking on Frankie's balls like he was enjoying a piece of hard candy and Frankie could barely take it anymore.

"Ready to melt in my mouth, Frankie?" Face purred, and his mouth finally closed around Frankie's cock, sucking it in hard. It felt more wonderful than he could have imagined and Face sucked him in and out, as deep as Frankie could imagine getting sucked. Adding to his state of ecstasy, he soon felt strong, rough hands grabbing him from behind - hands belonging to Murdock. The pilot came up behind him, his hands reaching around to find Frankie's nipples, rubbing and tweaking them until they were erect and every touch was like fire. It didn't take long before Frankie blew right over the edge, bucking and gasping as Face took him in hard, sucking off every last drop of his cum, riding out the orgasm until every touch rocked him with a terrible aftershock of pleasure.

He barely had the chance to recover when he found Murdock pushing him down, turning him away from the edge of the pool and pushing his legs up. Frankie was in too much of an orgasmic daze to wonder what was going on, or worry about it too much. He let Murdock's hands rub down his body, his stomach, the tender underside of his legs.

"That was lesson number 1, Franklin. Are you ready for lesson number 2?" Murdock asked, positioning himself on his knees between Frankie's legs. His hands massaged Frankie's tight ass, parting the cheeks slightly. Frankie opened his eyes and saw Murdock's impressive erect cock jutting up between his legs, rubbing hungrily against the base of his own cock and his balls. Then Murdock pushed the cock down right at Frankie's ass, till the tip found Frankie's tight opening and began pushing against it.

Frankie momentarily panicked - he hadn't exactly expected this - but before he could raise a protest of any kind Murdock pushed his way inside, not too hard at first, working his way in deep and very methodically, carefully. The pilot's eyes were closed in concentration, his lips curved in a smooth smile. Frankie gasped and tensed, the pain intense at first and the feeling of Murdock inside him like that almost unbearable.

Then Frankie felt Face's hands on his chest, his voice close in his ear. "Relax, Frankie, this is Murdock's area of expertise...just take it and relax and you'll enjoy it. I promise." Face lay next to Frankie, his hands roving over Frankie's chest as his mouth opened around his ear, licking and sucking on the earlobe.

Frankie couldn't decide what he was feeling - excruciating pain or unbearable delight. Murdock's dick inside him was like nothing he'd ever felt before - he didn't think he could take anything that big back there. Yet after the initial pain and surprise, he found himself enjoying it, in a very bizarre way he could not explain. Murdock thrusted into him rhythmically, slowly, until Frankie found himself responding to each thrust, pushing in response to get Murdock deeper into him. The pilot took the hint and increased the intensity of his thrusting, until he was pumping Frankie so hard Frankie lost sense of everything else around him. He could think of nothing else except his ass, and Murdock inside him. Then Murdock came with a drawn out cry, pushing in as deep as he could and holding it there, before finally releasing Frankie. Then with a wicked smile, he drawled to Face, "Your turn, Faceman, I got him nice and wet for you. A nice tight ride, right Frankie?"

The captain and the lieutenant exchanged places, Face's cock ready and eager to plunge into Frankie's hole. Face stroked him and teased, "It seems our normally so chatty friend has lost his tongue, Murdock."

"That would be a pity," Murdock answered. "I was hoping to show him some new ways to use it today."

Santana let out no protests as Face entered him, establishing his own rhythm of thrusts and pushing Frankie to new limits of his endurance. Murdock's hand wrapped around Frankie's now stiff cock, stroking it, causing him to cum again before Face was even done with him.

"Having fun yet, Frankie?" Face asked him, as he collapsed down on Frankie's other side.

"Oh man, Jesus..." Frankie panted, his skin wet with sweat and water and his own cum. "I had no idea...I'm speechless."

Face answered him, "We're just teaching you a few new things about teamwork, Frankie. You want to be part of this Team, you've got to be part of it...completely. You think you can handle it?"

Trying to prove he wasn't about to be put off, Frankie replied, "Hey man, I can handle whatever you've got. Frankie Santana is one accommodating dude, know what I mean?"

"You'd better be," Murdock answered him, brown eyes dancing with delight. "Because we're just getting started."

The three men continued pleasuring each other every way Frankie could imagine. They took turns on each other, Face and Frankie sucking at Murdock's nipples until he couldn't take it anymore, then Murdock and Face working on Frankie. They rolled around, stiffening cocks brushing and rubbing against each other. Frankie found himself loving the feel of Murdock's hairy, strong chest...and Face's slim, smooth body. The two men were a contrast in feelings and sensations, and Frankie was trapped between them, loving every minute of it.

It didn't take them too long until they were all stiff and ready to go at it again. Something in those warm pool waters must've worked magic on their endurance - and libido. "I think Frankie should try a piece of ass this time, don't you, Faceman?" Murdock asked, pulling Frankie up to his feet. Face got up to join them, and they stood together, both men teasing Frankie's body unmercilessly. Face stood in front of him, his backside to Frankie's cock, and Frankie had to admit he wanted it bad.

But when he tried to push against it too hard, Face backed off. "Uh uh, Frankie, you have to earn it. Tell me how much you want it."

Murdock's hands slipped down around Frankie's cock, which was already dripping with pre-cum. "I want it. I want it," Frankie said breathlessly.

"Want what, Frankie?" Murdock asked, pressed hard against him from behind.

"I want your ass, Faceman. I want to fuck your ass."

"Beg me for it," Face ordered, leaning in and letting his lips work down Frankie's body...his neck...his chest...his hands moving lower...

"Please, Face..." Frankie found himself moaning. "I can't take it no more, man. Please, I'll do...I'll do anything for you."

"You'll do anything we ask you to do for us?" Murdock asked.


"Anything for the Team that we ask you to do? You're the lowest rank, Frankie. You'll take our orders to do anything?"

"Anything, please, oh God, just let me fuck you," Frankie could barely believe the words coming out of his own mouth, but he wanted it so bad and they were teasing him without mercy. Finally, they let go and led him over to a small table near some patio chairs. Face leaned over across the top, his ass sticking up and offering itself to Frankie.

"All yours, Frankie, give it your best shot," he offered.

Frankie took up position eagerly, hoping he did things right. He held onto the table, and got his burning cock up against the other man's ass. The hole felt so tight against him, he wasn't sure he could get in it, but Face pushed against him, and so he thrust his cock tip against it, feeling the hole expand to accept his hard cock greedily. He gasped; it was a tighter, more delicious fit than anything he could ever remember. With little skill but much excitement, he began pumping Face's ass, getting close to cumming again before he even realized it. He felt Murdock grab him from behind and begin pushing his own cock against his ass, demanding access for a second time. Soon the three men were locked together, cock to ass, cock to ass, thrusting together in incredible rhythm. Frankie's hands reached around to find Face's erect cock, stroking it as Face sighed in delight. Soon he felt the slick cum all over his hands. And himself - between fucking Face's ass and getting fucked expertly by Murdock, he was in heaven.

Afterwards, they switched places, this time Murdock against the table and Face on top, but still with Frankie in the middle. He let Face and Murdock use him every way imaginable. He lost count of how long and how many different ways they went at it that afternoon. He sucked off both Face and Murdock in turn, repeatedly, until they told him he was doing it just right, letting them both cum in his mouth and swallowing down their juices greedily. At one point, Murdock sucked him off while Face licked his ass, his tongue probing his hole that was now filled with both men's cum and getting raw from all the activity. He returned the favor to both of them, as they ordered him to do, licking, sucking, and getting fucked until he was completely exhausted, his cock and his ass both raw and unable to take anymore. His nipples tingled and were red from getting played with so much. His neck and earlobes would be covered with hickeys by tomorrow. Still, he wanted to do it all over again, every bit of it. He would be their sex slave whenever they wanted him, whenever they might allow him to join in their play times.

When the two men finally left Frankie by the pool, stating the lesson was over for now, Frankie collapsed into the chair by the pool and felt completely drained. As he drifted off to sleep, his earlier words came back to his mind: "God, I love this job..."

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Face and Murdock wandered around the spa after collecting their clothes, looking for Hannibal and talking about some plans to go out on the town for a while before Stockwell called in that their leave time was over. For a rather hellish mission, they were sure enjoying the extra R and R afterwards.

They found Hannibal stretched out contentedly on a lavish bed in a private bedroom, one of the "sponges" draped contentedly on both sides of him. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat around his cigar while the women stroked his body lazily. It seemed the colonel had been having a little private party of his own.

"Have a good swim?" Hannibal asked.

"You could say as much," Face responded, sitting on the edge of the bed. "Looks like you've been having some fun, too."

"Leelu had to take a little breather, but Angie and Su here have been doin' just fine, right girls?" the two girls giggled in agreement as he reached around to squeeze Angie's bare bottom. "Anyway, how'd it go with Frankie?"

"Oh, we gave him a good workout, all right, and he was quite an enthusiastic student," Murdock answered. "I think he understands his...position around here, so to speak. He won't be no trouble no more, and we finally found a way to shut up that big mouth of his when we want to."

"I hope you two weren't too rough on him," Hannibal asked. "I know how enthusiastic you both can be."

"Oh, no, we were pretty gentle," Murdock replied.

"But not too gentle," Face added. "I mean, we had to get him ready for B.A."

"Well then, mission accomplished, men. Maybe I'll take some time out to check out your 'handiwork' a little later." With a contented sigh, Hannibal lay back and thought about what fun they could all have together now. "Pardon the pun, but you know, I love it when this Team can 'come together'."

The three men laughed.